Ability to add users to Anaplan that don't have a valid/usable email address



Need to be able to add users to Anaplan that don't have a valid/usable email address. Such accounts are usually created to run jobs from source to target solutions. In this case, we want to create a System Account and use the System Account to kick-off the Anaplan Connect jobs. The System Account does not have a valid email address so the System Account is not currently being registered with Anaplan.

Example of enhancement:
Ability to use System ID - e.g., "svc-uc4" or "svc-uc4@companydomain.com" (even though there's not a valid email address associated with it). A mailbox is not created for the account so when the account is added to Anaplan there is no way to register/validate it. Anaplan Support tracked this through the Splunk logs and showed the user was never activated.

Most jobs via legacy systems allow for System Accounts to execute jobs. System Accounts are managed by System/Network Administrators and passwords don't usually expire. Most System Account passwords are not known by the business and provides for a segregation of duties. We do not want to create and monitor fictitious email addresses for the sole purpose of executing scheduled jobs.

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  • Hello Product Team -


    It would be very useful in large enterprises that have moved away from email address as a unique indentifier to be able to capture the assigned login code and to have the email address stored as metadata.


    At present, our capabilities in this area result in excessive testing when SSO is deployed to ensure that the appropriate external email address has been in stored on Anaplan. In many cases, users provide incorrect email addresses prior to SSO deployment which results in confusion and re-work during SSO testing. It would be much more effective to be able to use the same authentication criteria as the customer from the onset.





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