Ability to edit user name


User profiles: user name cannot be updated (ex: in instance of a simple misspelling) by system admin. It can only be done by contacting Anaplan Support. Better if admins can do it.

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  • Status changed to: Delivered
  • Status changed to: Delivered
  • Sorry but do you have an instruction on how to use it?

  • Hi, I see that this idea has been marked as "delivered", but I cannot find any instructions on how to edit a User's Name. Do we still need to contact Anaplan Support for this?

  • Bumping this one up again. Rebecca changed the status to 'Delivered' in September 2018, but are there instructions for how to do this?

  • I found this today and it looks like the functionality exists to update your own name.


    On your home page.

    1. Click your initials in top-left
    2. Click "My Account"
    3. Make the changes
    4. Click "Update Profile"

    I did have to log out and log back in afterwards, but my name was updated when I reviewed the "Users" pane.



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