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Lets take an example , An organisation(ABC) HAVE 2 companies,one is USA(USD) and another in Singapore(SGD). An employee Alex is working for Singapore(currency SGD) company.but he is olso doing some contributions for USA.But he wont get USD and olso he is not eligible for extra payment,he will only get Basic Salary in SGD. But the CEO ot the organisation should  able to know his contributions to USA in "Employee performance"module.but from "HR" module point of view,his salary wont get can i achieve this task in model?

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    Hi Alex,
    The best way to do this would be to create a numbered list for your employees. Now, Alex can show up under multiple hierarchies within the list (i.e. under both USA and Singapore). To ensure the correct salary, it depends how you are accounting for their salary (as a property in a list or in a module).

    If you are accounting for salary as a property in the list, then under Singapore you can enter Alex’s true salary (i.e. 50,000 SGD) and under USA you can leave it blank (i.e. 0 USD). 
    Therefore, if you create a module to take salary expense into a P&L, it will only account for Alex’s salary one time under Singapore, and not attribute any salary expense to his USA work. However, you can still feed the Alex (under USA) list item into a module that calculates performance metrics for USA only, while feeding the Alex (under Singapore) list item to a different module that calculates employee performance in Singapore. 
    Hope that was helpful!
    Happy Anaplanning!