Administrator access to disable email opt-in for disabled users


Would like to have the ability under Adminstration to disable the email opt in.  Currently only have access to disable users account but the email opt in remains as is and don't have access to disable.

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  • Currently have users that ar eno longer with the company that selected the user "Email Opt-in" function.  As these users leave the company, I am able to disable there account, but the email opt in can't be changed.  We continue to get emails in our system to disabled Anaplan users because of this. 

    Currently have to submitt request to anaplan to hav ethis option disabled for the disabled users.  Would like the ability to disable the user as well as the users email opt in selection.

  • Thanks for the idea - We are moving this to acknowledged and encourage the Community to continue to provide feedback and support in the form of kudos to bring attention to it.

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