Alert Model Builders of Incorrect Formulas/References Prior to Testing

Description: As a model builder, there are plenty of times where formulas or references to other modules are incorrect either by mistake/typo or due to lack of understanding formula syntax. Based on our model size, we have to allow ample time for Anaplan to return the error summary, even in test models. It would be great to have an alert when typing a formula (based on line item formatting, module structure, etc.) that helps us rewrite or reconsider the final formula before trying to push it through and watching the model 'spin' for a while.


Example of Enhancement: When line item formatting is inconsistent with the end formula/reference, the border of the formula bar will remain red. This should pick up on basic errors such as mismatched lists or typos. Once the red border is eliminated, the model builder is assured this formula will be processed correctly.


Benefit/Impact: The benefit here would be to reduce time waiting for errors to populate and would help guide all model builders in writing formulas correctly.

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We have released dynamic syntax checking which highlights any syntax issues in a formula before it can be applied.


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  • I was recently at an offsite team meeting.  This was one of the most asked for enhancements.

  • One extension:

    For a simple format mismatch, please, offer a solution directly:

    Evaluate beforehand and offer to switch the line item to current formula's expected format, as the error checking already understands the format of the calculation result!

  • Good point.

  • I agree!  I would love to have a formula compiler before submitting. 


    While they are working on adding this into Anaplan there are things you can do as a model builder to reduce the time of the model roleback you refer to above 


    -  Always think through your formula before submitting it.  Ie. Check the format of the line item, type the formula in a text editor and then paste into Anaplan

    -  Always use a development model so end users don't experience the roll back of the model while making changes 

    -  Follow model building best practices to make your model simplier which should decrease rollback time 

    -  Anaplan professional services team can help provide a model review and model open analysis to detect what might be causing the long rollback - Reach out to your business partner to schedule this. 


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  • Hi,


    Good news.  A request for similar if not the same functionality is already on the roadmap.

    Alert Model Builders of Incorrect Formulas/References Prior to Testing

    Have a read and comment if needed.





  • I agree with Frankie on all her points and would like to highlight using a development model.  As in any software system, smaller is faster and development environments should be kept smaller for that very reason.  In Anaplan, reducing larger lists to sample sets, as compared to test and production, will result in shorter rollback times.

  • This can only be good news. I use a development model to test formulas which is very small, and has a lovely 10 second return time. But sometimes its the simple things, i forgot to change a format to a list, and had to wait 16 minutes for the return.... after 16 minutes i had forgotten what i was doing.


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  • Another vote for this.

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