How to copy a model from one workspace to another?

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  • DavidSmith
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    Hi Alex
    I had to do this recently and the steps are listed below
    Export the users from source workspace
    Export the users from the target workspace
    Create an import file from 1. of the users that were not already in list 2.
    Import the model to the target workspace
    The model rights all imported correctly for existing users
    Import the “new” users from the file created in 3.
    Repeat step 2. Cross check the access rights against 1.
    Amend the workspace settings for existing users, because those settings do not come across from step 4.
    The access rights for existing models in the target workspace should be unaffected and any new users should be set to No Access

    Hope this helps


  • I am trying to copy from one workplace to another. I read the instructions that you have provided, but I am not sure where to begin!  🙂

    I am self-studying for level 2 exam and I am at Sprint 2. one of my modules is giving me errors. I wanted to copy an entire module after giving up on debugging ... I'd like to know if I need a special privilege to be able to export users? and do I really need to? I only need the skeleton with formulas

    Greatly appreciated ... 


    ~Wajdi Rabie