Allow "full access" users to update user list via import process


As a platform administrator, I want to be able to allow indiviual model "owners" the ability to add users to the model through the use of an import process. These model owners will not have workspace administator rights but will be responsible for certain regular maintenance (through updaing various inputs and completing data loads).


I know this will be successfull when a user set to "Full Access" and not marked as a workspace administrator can run a process that imports emails addresses and other user information into the user list of the model.


This will allow the model owners to have more ownership and autonomy with the models and allow me and the other platform administrators the ability to focus on new model development and other, more complex, maintenance tasks.

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  • Hello,


    I submitted a similar request, however, I would not neccissarily even want the users accountable to add users to have Full Access as that opens them up to have additional access to Write in Modules they should not be able to.  I would like the set-up to be flexible to restirct to only adding users and access if that is my business need, but if someone else needs the ability to allow addtional access they can do that to meet their business needs.

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  • I have just discovered this is an issue 😞 and assumed both the export and import would work without a problem.

    Export is quite important too as you want to provide users/super users to review current access accordingly (eg think about selective access, role, etc). 

    I assume the workaround is Anaplan Connect but I'd expect this limitation could be easily enabled ? In the same way you can export/import anything else.

    Security shouldn't be a concern as it's managed under Roles > Actions ? 


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  • Just ran into this same issue. Hoping for this to be enabled soon. As our Anaplan COE tries to focus more on complex Anaplan tasks we are building our models to allow model owners (super users) to maintain more and more without making them Workspace Admins. Updating user access is a big piece of that model ownership. 

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