User List formula to include admins


A description of the enhancement required:
Right now in the Anaplan if User List is used as a dimension, all non-admins can see themselves only. As for the admins, they can see all of the users in the dimension. Thus there is no way how to use personal filters (Booleans on user list dimension) for non-admin. Could you, please, implement the formula, that will take only CURRENT user (for admins also).

An example of the enhancement:
Let’s say, we have a line item on Users Dimension and also formatted as Users. If we use the ITEM(‘Users’) formula, admin will see names of all the users. But if we have something like CURRENTUSER(), then even admin will see only himself in names.

A story for why the enhancement is required (specifically, how would it aid the business process):
The requirement came when new filters came with new user list dimension. Thus, there was a way how to prepare modules full of line items used as personal filters. But with new functionality of user list (ability of admins to manage users cells), the way of filters was broken for admins. With new function we can prepare individual filters even for admins (for current user of the model, moreover).

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  • Status changed to: Delivered
  • Thank you for submitting this Idea. Great news, it's in our roadmap to allow admins to see a full user list. Please note that the solution will not be a CURRENTUSER() formula.

  • This is planned to be delivered in the November 2018 release. Please see our "Upcoming features" page here to see what's coming soon and our calendar of releases here for more information about the Nobember releases. 

    Please note that the solution will not be a CURRENTUSER() formula. 

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