Week Coverage, also known as forward coverage or stock cover

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Week Coverage, also known as forward coverage or stock cover.
As an example we have Forecast Sales and Current Stock.
Formula should calculate how many future periods of forecast will be covered by Current stock.

This is achievable in Anaplan with below function:

Look Forward + (Stock - MOVINGSUM(Forecast Sales, 1, Look Forward, SUM)) / OFFSET(Forecast Sales, Look Forward + 1, 0)

"Look Forward" is a list item of number format where you give the number of value to look forward.
The formula is complicated, and MOVINGSUM only accepts time dimension.


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I am pretty sure every supply planning models require this calculation. It is very informative for planners.
Users wanting similar expression can be found in below links.


This formula can be used for other financial calculations as well.

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  • I 100% second this enhancement request.  Calculating a weeks or days of inventory in this manner is basic inventory and supply planning functionality and really needs to be added to the platform to compete with other supply chain software solutions.


    Just making sure... the formula you entered above is just a description of how this would work if Anaplan was to add the Look Forward function, correct?  When I first read through it, I thought you found a work around or something.  If you did, I'm all ears.



  • This is something that i would have hoped would be a 'built in'. Trying to calculate stock cover on very variable Demand and Inventory data is hard, and when you then move up the hierarchy of products, it becomes very unstable and includes outliers which then have a huge impact on stock days, where as they should be handled differently.

    Currently I am not aware of a 'good' method to calculate days cover, are there any suggestions, pointers or examples please?




  • very useful

  • hangando
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