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Allow users to create custom function via a scripting language like Java. The idea to me is have the capability to become as flexible as needed with scripting.


The use case i have in mind is being able to create a hashing algorythm to use as a code. This can be a work around to the 60 limit character limit.

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  • Miran
    edited December 2022
  • PiotrWeremczuk
    edited December 2022

    Hey, great idea, I'm totally for! I would rather like to see Python / R / Julia kind of lenguages but anyway, any scriptting form would be awesome. Just imagine what can you do with it! It's not only for custom funcitons but also applying some advanced algorithms. Proper forecasting (math speaking) is no longer an issue and you don't have to go outside Anaplan. Machine Learing stuff is just next door. You can even try running some complex sort of AI programs inside Anaplan and what more do you need while taking complex decisions managing your company?

    The only problem I can see is that it may cause some trouble for the Anaplan servers since such algorithms are usually quite heavy on performance.

    Anyway, can't wait to see it in Anaplan!

  • schulze
    edited December 2022

    My favorite example: TRUNC(number). Works a lot better than VALUE(LEFT(TEXT(Number), FIND(".", TEXT(Number)) - 1)).  Could well perform better.

  • DavidSmith
    edited December 2022


    MROUND works

    MROUND(Number - 0.5, 1)

    2019-04-27_17-24-30.pngMuch simpler than VALUE(LEFT(TEXT(Number), FIND(".", TEXT(Number)) - 1))

  • schulze
    edited December 2022

    Ok, how about SYSDATE()?

  • karank_*4578
    edited December 2022

    I do custom scripting and call it from Anaplan by having a link to a batch script which executes a python script. My use case is to get Now() and some other data points . It works but i do agree if we can have it directly from anaplan with possibility of passing  variables will be awesome.

  • IJ
    edited December 2022

    I think support of R ( from Anaplan would be great.

  • nicholas.elkan
    edited December 2022

    DATEFROMISO(Date) would also be helpful.  Much easier than DATE(VALUE(LEFT(Date, 4)),VALUE(MID(Date, 6, 2)),VALUE(RIGHT(Date, 2)))

  • An anaplan development kit allowing custom code functions to share would definitely increase the reach of anaplan and bring new clients

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