Add Ability to "Push" data to another model as opposed to always "Pulling" data into a model

With a data hub model in place, it would be beneficial to run a series of actions or processes, on-demand or via Anaplan Connect, that would take data and lists from the data hub and "push" from the data hub to the downstream models.  As Anaplan is architeched and working now, you would need to go to downstream models, either on-demand or through Anaplan Connect, to initiate an action or process to "pull" the data or lists into the downstream model. 


Enabling or developing this fucntionality would allow for less maintenance points or complexity in the integrations and data movement across models, especially in an environment where a data hub model exists. 

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  • Miran
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  • sean_culligan
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    If you use the new user interface, you have the ability to provide access to processes across multiple models within a single app. So with some nav buttons and a board you can give the illusion of a push.


    On say your home page board which is linked to the main model the user is working on, create a text element with a link to a board which is based on the target model. On this board you can publish an import action from that imports from the source model into the target model. Call this an export and it will feel like a push.


    This doesn't work with the classic view as the user has to know to jump between models but in the new UX it flows pretty seamlessly, as the user is guided via the nav button.


    It is a workaround and then limits you to using the new UX but it worked for me, so wanted to share, in case it was helpful.

  • ujourney
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    I would love to push data or metadata from the central Data Hub. Seems like a more seamless experience for an admin. Specifically if you needed a data selection during an ad hoc load to drive a filter on a module saved view. 


    @sean_culligan Could this be accomplished in the new UX (sorry haven't spent enough time playing with it yet)?


    Can you put the data selection line item that drives the filter view in the Data Hub, and the import process from the spoke model on the same board? To go a step further. Is there a way to merge processes from the two models - say have a clear selection import to remove the filter selected on the DH side run after the import into the spoke model runs.  Not the end of the world if it can't, but it would be nice if it could.



  • Gwen.pryor
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  • BPifer
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    Why can't I kudos this? It still doesn't exist and is marked as completed?

  • DanielleC
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    @BPifer I am seeing the same issue and will look into this. In the meantime, if you visit  and use "Data Integration" and/or "Not Planned" labels on the left as filters, then you should be able to Kudos the idea when you see it in the results lists (before clicking through to the idea description). 

  • BPifer
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    @DanielleC thank you, I just added my thumbs up! 

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