Bulk Copy functionality available from Dashboards for non-model builders


As a Model Builder, I want to be able to create specific/dynamic Bulk copy processes so that end users can run them via dashboards.


I'll know this is successful when I'm able to publish on dashboards specific bulk copy processes using the standards Anaplan out of the box functionality and without the need of creating ad-hoc developments for this.


Benefit/Impact : We often need to have this functionality enabled for specific users so that our models would be more self-serve based, less maintenance and development.
Please note this functionality would be very helpful when selecting Source and Target lists (therefore not only from one version to another).

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  • ChandreshLad
    edited January 2023

    Happy to confirm this is currently in development and should soon be released and available for use.

    Chandresh Lad - Senior Product Manager

  • Wanted to confirm: once developed, this should allow regular (non-model-builder-licensed) users to bulk copy with user selections without having to go into the model itself, correct? It means regular users can bulk copy without consuming a model builder license??

  • Hi @zimingzh ,

    I never needed to use this since I submitted the idea but I have the feeling it's already been released, and working in both classic and UX.

    You can refer to this articles :


    As a model builder you can :

    » Create a bulk copy action (from Actions > New Action > Bulk Copy…)

    » Create a process and call the newly created action

    » Add the bulk copy action to the newly created process

    » Publish the process into the UX

    Once done any users (including non workspace admins users) that are setup with the relevant access will be able to execute the bulk copy process.

    @Miran , am I right ? Should this idea be updated to reflect this ?


    Alessio Pagliano

  • zimingzh

    @Alessio_Pagliano , I saw that, but that does not allow the user to dynamically select versions or list items to copy to/from. I have to dictate the to and from at time of action creation, but I need to have the option/ability to allow users to select their "to" and "from."

  • Hi @zimingzh , got it. Yes, you are right. I will try and find out more about this

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