Option to select a file when importing into users


As per email from Anaplan Support: Currently, for an action uploading data into a Users list, the file is not able to be selected at the start of the action. This file would need to be changed manually in the actions menu by going to Import Data Sources and choose new source. Then pick the file with the same exact name as the file container that exists already. That will overwrite the default file and allow for the import to take place.. This behavior is set this way to avoid things like accidentally deleting a user, adding a user that shouldn't be added, giving incorrect access, etc.

This is impractical on a daily basis, especially if people who run this process do not have a WA admin process and if the model is deployed which means we have to make the change in the dev model.


Request to be able to browse a file for user import, just like any other import.


You may want to add extra security to prevent incorrect access - for example the inability to remove access to WAs.


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