Prevent Issues on dashboards when publishing a Delete action


As a model builder I want the Delete action published on a dashboard to prevent users from deleting all the members of a specific hierarchy when selective access is enabled at that level.


Imagine that we've got two hierarchies:

Parent member and Child member, with selective access enabled on the Parent.

Assume that I've published standard actions to add/remove elements at the lowest level of the hierarchy

With selective access enabled on the Parent member users could potentially remove all the child members....if they do that, Anaplan would default the delete action to the parent member, therefore throwing and error and preventing contributors from using the functionality. 


I would know this functionality is successful if in these sort of scenarios users are prevented from deleting all the child members or if Anaplan won't default that specific delete action to the parent list when the child lit is empty.


Please let me know if this needs further examples.


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