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For the purpose of calculating lease contracts in IFRS 16 it's sometimes needed to have wide time ranges in the model. Currently, the amount of future years is limited up to 50 years and past years up to 20 years (link). This means you have a maximum time range of 70 years. We experience that some lease contracts extend 70 years and therefor require a wider time range to do certain calculations without work arounds. It would be succesfully solved if time ranges are either unlimited or extended up to a maximum of 100 future and past years.

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  • Totally agree.  I found this FY business confusing too when i first entered Anaplan world

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  • Great suggestion!

    @bradley.sisson wrote:

    There is already an "Idea" out there called Relabel the time dimension; however, it's a little complex given Time doesn't contain properties, etc.  Majority of our retail customers use different types of calendars so it's important to distinguish the calendar type by allowing aliases on time so it's customizable to their business.  For example, when NIKE sees FY they think Fiscal Years and in Quarters.  When they see BY they think Business Year and in Seasons.  Two completely different meanings based on the calendars (see below for example) and their aliases / labels.  


    Fiscal Year (FY19) - July - June = Financial Calendar
    Q1-19 - July August September
    Q2-19 - October November December
    Q3-19 - January February March
    Q4-19 - April May June


    Business Year (BY18) - January - December = Planning Calendar
    SP-18 - January February March
    SU-18 - April May June
    FA-18 - July August September
    ****-18 - October November December


    All we're asking for is an Alias Tab on Time that could be manually maintained to create the necessary aliases.  The time-based calc functions and the YTD/YTG functionality would still work as intended because it would be reading the current time-based structure.  Below is an example:


    Jan 18Jan 18
    Feb 18Feb 18
    Mar 18Mar 18
    Q1 FY18SP 18
    Apr 18Apr 18
    May 18May 18
    Jun 18Jun 18
    Q2 FY18SU 18
    Jul 18Jul 18
    Aug 18Aug 18
    Sep 18Sep 18
    Q3 FY18FA 18
    Oct 18Oct 18
    Nov 18Nov 18
    Dec 18Dec 18
    Q4 FY18**** 18


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  • I want to bump this topic. Our current customer is asking to re-label the time dimension per Matt Brady's explanation.

  • I have a customer that would also like to customize the labels to the time dimension.  In their case, it's due to having a non-calendar fiscal year.  They have a Feb - Jan fiscal year and label it based on when it starts.  Thus, we are in fiscal year 2019, which started in February and ends in January 20.  They would like to show January 20 as January 19, so that all of the months for the current fiscal year show the same fiscal year. They do a lot of stuff in weeks, so in some modules, the month is a parent.  

  • Rebecca

    Thank you for your idea submission. After careful review with our internal product teams on your idea, we unfortunately have decided this does not fit our current platform road map. As you can understand, we have to balance requests with our strategic direction and keeping the platform running well (think keeping up with security requirements, infrastructure updates for performance and stability).


    We appreciate you taking the time to submit your suggestions, and encourage you to continue to do so in the future. If you have any concerns, don't hesitate to reach out to the Anaplan team through here or Community@Anaplan.com.

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