Clear user access rights to selective access list using import - best practice request




I manage user access to modules with selective access enabled lists from admin dashboard with processes importing data user access and roles data. It worked pretty well, but recently I noticed an issue.


To apply new access rights for a particular user, I first clear all his current access and import new one. To clear current acess (and update his/her role) I used this simple approach:



'Reset Rights' line item contains the top element of selective access list ("All Entities" in this case).

The problem is - it does not work anymore. Something changed in recent months, and it broke couple implementations with the same approach 😞


What is the current best practice to clear user access?


My "plan B" is setting "No Access" and hoping it will clear all selective access list levels, then switching it back to current access level, and importing new read and write access on each level.



  • Quick update - "plan B" worked, no issues with it. I have no idea why "Access - None" is not working, but this workaround is enough for now.

  • @YS Were you ever able to root cause this issue?  I'm trying to do the same thing with limited success.  Unfortunately the workaround is less than ideal as we don't want to clear all selective access but rather a subset of lists.