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Description: As a model builder, I want to give users the ability to efficiently export their dashboard grids. Currently, when you save an export definition on the "Current Page", this current page does not change when the export action is published to a dashboard based on that dashboard's page selectors.


Example of the Enhancement: An export action is created to export an IT - Software planning module's current page. The current page when the export was created was the Q1 Reforecast version, but I want the export to also allow users to export Q2 Reforecast, Q3 Reforecast, Budget, etc. As a result, users have a simple button they can click that will export whichever page selections they have made on a dashboard, and a customized export file will be downloaded. Currently, however, users are only able to export the Q1 Reforecast version, since this was the selection when I created the action. Without this enhancement, a user's only other option is to use the Data >> Export option on the dashboard grid, which is often confusing and may not export the saved view I want them to download.


Benefit / Impact: A dynamic export button will drive user adoption and contribute to overall dashboard efficiency. This will also give users the ability to quickly generate comparison reports in Excel that can be used for greater reporting requirements.

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