Create a Roles List That Can Be Referenced in Modules


Having a Roles list that is auto-generated and able to be leveraged in modules would be very helpful.  For example, in certain system/admin modules we assign read/write drivers on partiucular line items.  Currently, the users list is leveraged to dynamically change the access via a formula and an import.  However, having the ability to use a roles list and being able to leverage that list in an admin/system module controlling security features would be very helpful.  

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  • This would be especially helpful for models that have a lot of users.... My company would definitely make use of this feature if implemented!!! 

    I should say that we do get around this by making use of lookup tables between the native Users list and a functional role assignment populated from a User Security Configuration model. This assumes uniform functional roles across the environment. But, it's cumbersome. And increases model size. There could be a behind-the-scenes lookup, for use in dynamic cell access, and that would be so cool.

    I'm going to try and get this some more attention!  Thanks for suggesting it. 


  • @Stacey_Gibbens Yes, that would be a lot easier. Great idea! Makes total sense.

  • Indeed...any solution which could help to "group users" it's welcome. Roles are one option. 


  • The lack of a Roles list means that we have to manually create a list to replicate the functionality that is often required for setting things such as DCA etc. The Role needs to also be a system property of the Users list automatically in that way we can avoid the creation of a separate user list and link this to our manually created Roles list.

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