Allow the option to not create an import as an action


The ability to select whether you want a manual data import saved as an action on the actions tab is requested.  The reason being that during development and for sprint review purposes, sometimes test data or files with lists are uploaded to allow clients to visualize the end product.  Every time an import is run, an action is created with a name that is difficult to trace as to what it is doing.  If an option was provided to just save the imports you want to retain as actions when running an import, it will save cleanup and allow the actions tab to only show true and valid imports. 

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  • @pbenz we were talking about just this thing in our team yesterday... was going to be putting it down!

  • @pbenz This is something our team has brought up as well. Thanks for adding this! 

  • @andrewtye and @StaceyBrooks  Glad to hear that you guys are on the same page.  Hopefully a fix comes out soon on this.  

  • Absolutely agree.  It's always a pain to have to clean up your import actions after a long build.  There are always a ton of imports in there that are test, or just imports I never intend to repeat.


    What would be great if we had a save boolean before every import (just like we already have for exports) so we could decide whether or not we wanted to actually save an import in the action list.



  • @matthewkuo I really like your suggestion of the boolean that presents just like for exports.  That would be ideal.  

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