Have total in summaries to only include sums of only the items users have access to


It would be useful to have a sum that only included values from list items the user has read access to.


So if you have a list with items A, B and C, and one user only has access to A and B, they would still be able to see a total of their view (A and B)


Why this would help: When using selective access, not all views roll up nicely, and it would be nice to have a totals item even if a user doesn't have read access to all the list items. 

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    In Access drivers module, for Summary totals, can summary Total show total of values that a user has access to?

    Eg: User A has access to Jan to June

           User B has access to July to Dec

    Can summary total for show the 6 month total specific to the user?

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