Importing with Selective Access Enabled vs. Workspace Admin




Wanted to know if my understanding was correct regarding importing behavior. I came across the following link Import action should not ignore Selective Access for a Workspace Administrator which indicates that as a workspace admin I can freely import regardless of selective access (current behavior). However, for a non-workspace admin, selective access is enforced and therefore the user would need both selective access in both the source and target models, correct? The issue is that we have purposely made the list of Data Type which has Base, Adjustments, and Total with Adjustments as list members. Everyone should have a read-only of Total with Adjustments and Write-only for Adjustments. However, as the user needs to import across models, I had to grant the user access to Base write-only in the target model in order for the values to populate from source to target.


Is my understanding correct? Is there another way to manage this issue? Ideally, the data type would be set to Adjustments write-only for everyone and Base set to read-only.




  • There is another way to manage this. A relatively new Anaplan feature, Dynamic Cell Access.


    With Dynamic Cell Access (DCA), workspace administrators can import data into any cell, including read-only and invisible cells but end users can only import data into editable cells, not into read-only or invisible cells.
    This may give you more control in the target model...

  • Thanks for taking the time to reply, Mark.


    I understand that as a workspace admin I am able to import into any cell. However, I am trying to let an end user import into the "Base" data type without giving her the write-access in selective access from Users permissions.


    I was exploring using accounts (personnel exp vs non-personnel exp accounts) as a dimension along with data type and users to designate the level at which I want to control the dynamic cell access but it seems that selective access (in Users) supersedes dynamic cell access. Since DCA is in addition to selective access, does that mean the Base would have to be marked as write-only first and then apply the combination of read/write dynamic cell access to all other modules using the data type list?