Users List as a basic Dimension


Hello, I ran to the several issues when I needed to calculate some values on the Top Users level.


  1. Users list itself doesn't have Top Level and there isn't an option to add it. Therefore you can't get Total number for given line item that applies to Users List.

I was trying to do some workarounds (creation of Dummy Users List) when identified the second issue.


     2. 'Lookup:', 'SUM:' and 'ANY:' functions don't work with Users List. You can't pull values from the Users List to the Dummy Users List using appropriate mapping and Lookup/Sum functions. 


My proposal is to make the behavior of Users List more like basic List. All basic list options and fucntions including should be also applied to the Users List. I also assume that It would be really helpful to add some kind of Selector for each role in order to select whether all users shoud be showed for the given role or not. This means the total numbers for the Users list will be displayed depends on selector. 

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  • Agreed.  I just ran into this issue with a client and it needs to be re-assessed and resolved. 

  • We are looking to enable the use of a number of functions (including SUM, LOOKUP and ANY) over the Users list in early Q2. Keep an eye on the upcoming releases!


    Top level is also on the roadmap, but will be addressed later on. 

  • Additionnally, managing users subsets like in any standard dimension is also what we miss : we sometime would need to publish some custom calc triggers personalized for users, but only a subset of all users. Dimensioning modules by the full users lists with hundreds of people in the list just doesnt make sense...

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