Option to Omit Empty rows for imports


Description of Enhancement: I would like the ability to Omit Empty Rows when importing


How this would help their business process: We have saved views used as IDS for imports between models. There are two fundamentally different approaches to set up them: 1. If we put all necessary dimension in rows and apply imports, it decreases the import run-time and thus decreases memory usage and IME risk. At the same time if you open this saved view to apply edits or even try to edit the corresponding view, the model may freeze across all end users for several minutes since all the numerous dimensions are loaded.

2. On the other hand if we put most of the dimension in page selectors, the filter cannot be applied and many blank cells are translated which implies import run-time to increase and consequently IME.

To make it more optimized I ask you to add option “Ignore zero rows” for imports that have “Clear target prior to import” feature enabled. In this case risk of IME will decrease.

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