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I currently have a module that is taking about 30% of my workspace and I am looking into ways to bring the data usage down. I had a couple of questions about multiple views that I saved for this module:

  1. Does bringing down the number of views bring down my data usage?
  2. Is there a way in Anaplan to see which dashboards are built on a given view?
  3. What is the effect of deleting a module view on other dashboards/modules

Apologies in advance if any of these questions appear silly! I am still in my initial phases of learning with this new system that we implemented.




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  • DmitrySorokin

    Hi pvijayateja,


    1. Views do not take up extra space. Only modules do. You could see the number of Cells that moudles take up within each Model. The biggest one are easy to identify and usually they have too many dimensions to allow all sorts of slices for the user. I try to keep number of dimensions in the module to maximum three or four including time and versions. 

    2. The only way to know which dashboards are using the view is to have a very good description for your view, something like: Headcount View for CFO Dashboard. However, keep in mind that over time, CFO Dashboard maybe renamed to Exec Dashboard which is a problem. 

    3. If you delete the view, it is NOT going to disappear from the dashboard. However, you won't be able to publish that exact view again to other dashboard unless you re-create it again. What is important though, if you delete the view that was used for any of your export actions, then your action will not work again, it won't find the source of data. So you will have to 'record' that action again. You can review which views are used for any of the actions within your model by going to Model Settings-> Actions-> Imports and look over Source Object column. Keep in mind, that there maybe other Models that use the View and you won't find out unless you remember. That is why it is important to have a well descriptive name for your views with info where they are used. 


    Thanks and let me know if that helps,



  • @pvijayteja


    In terms of looking at module size, have a look at the line item cell count.  for the largest cell count line items (specifically those that have multi-level hierarchies), critically look at whether you need the summary options turned on.  Very often these line items are use but other "detail" lines meaning the summaries can be turned off, saving a huge amount of cell count and size

    Also look at the dimensionality of the lines.  Do the calculations need all of the dimensions.  If not, move the calculations to another module with fewer dimensions and refer to those in the target formulas directly

    I hope that helps


  • thank you for the quick help guys! 

  • Hello! I am new to Anaplan and I am exploring a way to recover deleted modules. When I browse modules, previously saved were no longer there. I suspect I accidentally deleted them. Appreciate your help! Thank you!
  • @norbell_nacs


    The only way to retrieve a deleted module is go into Audit and look for the module in question.  If you need to, you can restore the model to the Deletion ID -1.  But, if doing this, you will lose all development after that ID.