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My company has a requirement to recertify all users quarterly. I would like an action that would allow me to export all users from the Anaplan Administration Users view. This will allow us to export all users in Anaplan and validate them against our AD users to verify that all users are valid.

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  • The process of getting all the users out of the "Users" area in administration today is really tough. Yesterday I had to first hold control and click on all users individually, and THEN I had to highlight all the text and copy/paste. Doing just one of these does not allow the list to be pasted into Excel in individual cells for each piece of information. Rather, it will paste everything into a single cell. This would be a great help for verifying all users and making sure they aren't active in Anaplan if the move to a different part of the company

  • “ To reinforce previous comment by @clarissa :

    since an update of the Console UX last December, the copy/paste from the users list is not possible anymore. Up to now, this was the simplest way for us to extract users and their last date/hour of connection to our workspace in order to review users every month or quarter “


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