Technical/Platform Questions & Training




I work for an Anaplan partner and I come from an extensive background in other EPM tools (on-premise and cloud) - most recently in Support. I'm wondering if there is any technical /platform training of Q&A centralised in one place?


- I've done the first two model building certifications, but these handle almost the application

- I looked at the sales training, but this mainly concerns the Anaplan message and business use cases.

- I also looked at some of the integration & Anaplan Connect training


However I can't find a central place where I can easily find questions that many of our clients ask surrounding Cloud (particularly when they are moving from on-premise where functionality would be controlled by IT teams). Examples would be:

- Do clients get multiple environments, and is there a best practice for keeping applications in sync or promoting changes to production?

- How do Anaplan software/platform changes get released?

- Backup best practices - does Anaplan schedule/keep backups and for how long? Are clients responsible for backups?

- Is there any auditing/logging capability to track active users and what they have been doing?

- Can Anaplan security link with client security/single sign on?

- Is there training on the Excel add-in, as I have seen reference to it, but not seen use-cases or recommendations?

- There would be a number of questions on sizing/capacity/limitations.

- Are there scheduled outages/maintenance windows?

- What monitoring is done on the platform and how are alerts conveyed to clients?


That definitely isn't an exhaustive list.There may also be other interesting/useful features that Anaplan has that I'm not aware of, which is why I'm looking for a central place rather than a whole bunch of individual searches.