Restrict Access of Line Items to Roles




I have role A and B in the model.  Both roles have Write access to module 1, which has line item 1-5.  However, for line item 5, role A should have read access, while role B write access.  How can I assign roles to line litems access?





  • @andre.lie

    By default you can't assign Roles to Line items.

    However, using Dynamic Cell Access you can assign access by User to line items (using a line item subset), although this will only work for numeric values

    If you want to assign this access by role, you will need to create a dummy list of roles, assign the users to the role and then map the access to the users.  you can then apply this to a module dimensioned by users and the line item subset. This can then be applied to the module

    Have a look at this App in the App hub (and the associated video); there are worked examples of line item access


    I hope this helps

  • Hi Andre,


    Right now we don't have the access control at line item/role level. We can use Dynamic cell access..

    Create a module with Users as dimension and 2 Line items(Write / Read) as Boolean Format.

    Write Line item - Input Field

    Read Line Item - Formula (NOT WRITE)


    Mark the boolean to whom you need Write access.


    Then Use this line item in Write Access driver/Read access driver in Line Item 5.


    Please see the attached pic.


    Hope this will help....