Calculation Function / Formula context specific suggestions


When typing in a calculation function, show a dropdown box that provides possible matches


Example 1: In the formula box when you type "Da" a tooltip suggests "DATE, DAY, DAYS, DAYSINMONTH, DAYSINYEAR.." etc


Example 2 (List/Module specific): When typing "Employees. " a tooltip suggests your available Properties or Line Items that match "Employees.Start Date, Employees.End Date, Employees.Salary..." etc

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  • Provide suggestions and autocomplete when entering formulas, to make it easier for the user to select the right field and view the available options.

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  • This has been done as a Chrome extension previously, so some ability is already out there. It would be really useful for our Newbies in particular

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  • The idea is very much that of a developer's IDE. As you begin typing, there is an awareness of available functions (+ syntax) and variables in it's current context. A modern IDE will actually help you auto-complete for frequently-used code snippets. It would be great to have this kind of feature built in to Anaplan's formula editor to prevent mistyping or even display available features/functions that the formulat editor never knew about.

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  • Hi, like in Excel one can easily see all the potential functions while typing the functions name with close proximity, can't we have the same kind of feature in Anaplan too.



  • Miran
    Status changed to: New
  • @sharmagh 

    As part of our enhancing our modelling experience, we are looking at providing something like this.

  • Also if possible can we have page break setting on dashboard like, if i want to break my module in 2-3 pages so that when I export it to pdf i get my module in 2-3 pages.

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