Work with Microsoft to make an Anaplan - PowerBI connector


It would be great to have a Anaplan connector in PowerBI (same idea as Excel and PowerPoint connectors), to have a live interfacing of data.

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  • Absolutely Agree. The dashboarding interface with Power BI is good and allows better visualisation that is flexible and tends to be more aesthetically suitable for high-level board presentations. 

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  • In general, Anaplan works with many partners who want to integrate with Anaplan using our existing APIs. Partners who take on this activity on their own volition are welcome to do so and are not part of our official roadmap as that is a partner activity.

    Today, customers can integrate with PowerBI by using an ETL tool to integrate between SQLServer and Anaplan. This is most likely a common use case.

    We have heard of partners who are interested in developing a direction connection from PowerBI to Anaplan through our existing APIs and we welcome their efforts in delivering this connector to our customer base.

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  • Yes, @vicky_ascencio! Terrific news.

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