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Anyone knows how to change anaplan display languae? Some contents(Date and month in time setting page)on my Anaplan were dispalyed in Chinese as below.I would be grateful if any one could tell me how to change it English. Thanks a lot image

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  • DavidSmith


    As above, the display settings are browser based and not qithin Anaplan itself, however, if the field is just text, you can import the text as is.  there shouldn't be any issues.


    You can even have different languages for list settings too; we have clients who have a product list with English,  Greece, Spanish descriptions


    I hope this helps



  • Hi Jack,

    That's picked up from your browser's Language/Locale settings.

    In IE you can change these settings in Tools|Options; in Chrome it's under Settings|Advanced Settings. In other browsers it'll be in different places but all browsers have language settings that you can use to resolve this.

  • Hello Good day, 


    We have upload files in which a particular field in mandarin where as other data is in English. We want model in English but particular field in Mandarin (data will be imported to this field from external file). Please suggest whether this is feasible or any settings changes needed to be done to make this modification in the model. 


    Thanks in advance!

  • What do you mean a different language for list settings? The actual Anaplan standard content and tabs for lists in the settings menu will be in another language? Trying to understand how much of Anaplan Spanish-speaking users can expect to see.