Anaplan user list export from Tenant admin page with Access Type and License Type information

Description of the enhancement required Unable to extract access/license information for Anaplan users ( Customer would like to be able to export a list of users for their organization with information as seen in the attached example report. Would like to be able to do this from Tenant Admin page ). Refer to screenshots for example.
A story for why they want the enhancement, (how would it help their business process) As anaplan admin, we'd like to be able to run a report of all users across workspaces in anaplan and be able to distinguish which type of license they are consuming (Admin, contributor or viewer). This will help us in effectively perform Quarterly SOX Audits for Anaplan and monitor license usage.
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  • The ability to be able to export user list from Administration app as Tenant Admin is very critical for us for the below additional reasons:


    We have our Production models spread across a few work spaces. So, even if I export a list of users from each of these work spaces, I still have duplicates as several users belong to more than one work space.

    The easiest way to get a full list of unique Anaplan users setup at our company is to export it from Anaplan Administration app. Is there any plan to 

    The goal is to get the email list of all Anaplan users quickly as and when we needed and create an email distribution list, so we can send email notifications to all those users. Of course, it will help to be able to filter this by work space, and by model, so we can create sub-email distribution lists. Having an up-to-date unique user list is critical for us to be able to quickly notify users.

  • This would also be really useful for user reviews - non Tenant Admins need to be able to review users and when they last logged on to update user lists.

  • “ To reinforce previous comment by @EmmaPF :

    since an update of the Console UX last December, I cannot copy/paste the users list. Up to now, this was the simplest way for us to extract users and their last date/hour of connection to our workspace in order to review users every month or quarter.

    So I totally subscribe to the Idea, with the added information of ‘last logged…’ “

  • Hello,


    This is very crucial and I am surprised there is no way to do something like this unless you go into each model and look up what access has each person got. I support this idea.

  • Yes, this basic information should naturally be made available. It is surprising that Anaplan provide no feasible way to stay license compliant for enterprise scale of users.

    The hypercare model can partly supply this information, but it is e.g. flawed by not considering activities in the Excel Add-in.

  • Niraj.B

    Can someone in Anaplan please look at this?

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