Is there any way to publish model setting History log in Dashboard ?


Hi ,


I have a requirement to publish the changes done by the user ( like who has done the changes and what are values before and after with comments), All these things are captured in the history log, but is there any way to publish history log for particular cell into Dashboard?





  • Hi Chandra,


    I'm not sure if this is possible because of the way Anaplan stores data in a model, as for it to reference it would still need to be currently in the model. 


    However if anyone else knows of a solution to this, I would be really interested. 


    And if this doesn't exist then it could be an idea for a future development for Anaplan! 





  • HI,


    Yes there is a way to bring this in Dashboard. All you need to do is, go to history (last 24 hours) and do the export and save that export action. Based on your requirement, build the module with this export file. So finally in that Dashboard give 2 actions one is to run the export and one is to import the same file into the system.


    Howver this is a work arround, would glad to see if there is any other way that we can get the details in Db.