Ability to export model history in an action that may be published as a button


Description of the enhancement required:
Ability to export the Model History (via button from dashboard) for Non-Workspace admin users.

An example of the enhancement:
Create an Audit History for a defined time range eg. 1-Jun-2018 to 30-Jun-2018 Save the Export while extracting Publish the Export (saved from #2) to one of the Dashboard Button on the dashboard exports the audit data and works fine for Workspace Admin users Same export button should work for Non-Workspace Admin users

A story for why you want the enhancement, (how would it help their business process):
In the planning process, few users acknowledge plans and some approve the plans. To track when the plan acknowledged/approved, super user can select the desired combination of user & lineitem combination then select the drilldown functionality to view the changes. However to pull a complete list of changes for all the users into one single report, only option is Model Audit data (however some filters to be applied on top of it). To run this Audit export one needs to be an Workspace Admin. In general, not every super user can be a Workspace admin because of high chance of unintended model changes hence would require permission/role settings/access to Audit Export for a Non Workspace Admin would really help the business in their planning activities.


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