Make comments and dispositions on idea exchange suggestions actually helpful.


"Needs community support" isn't helpful.


I don't know what that means. Is that indicating someone is supposed to help me. I haven't heard from anyone. Am I supposed to find help for myself? I don't know.


Does it mean that someone in the community should propose a solution?

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  • I agree. I believe it means the idea needs support (Kudos) before being commented on officially by Anaplan. That is the way other companies do it, but it is unclear to me at what point is enough 'community support' to be commented on.

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  • Hi @jack_schuth and @brendan_morriso - Thanks so much for your feedback!


    @brendan_morriso 's exactly right. The "Needs Community Support" status indicates that a member of the Anaplan Community team has performed an initial review of the idea to ensure it meets Community guidelines. It now awaits further support from the Community to reach the threshold of 10 kudos, which guarantees an official review and response from our development teams. Note that the threshold is to help us manage expectations on response time and doesn't necessarily determine how we prioritize our road map. We may still deliver ideas of all kudos values; however, we only guarantee updates on ideas that garner the most support from our community.


    You can find out more on the kudos threshold (and other status definitions) in our guidelines doc here. Or, you can always reference the "quick guide" on the right sidebar of the Idea Exchange homepage.


    That said, we welcome suggestions to make our terminology even clearer for our community. Are there any statuses you would recommend that could resonate better with you?


  • Thank you for the explanation @trisha.luu ! I now see the Kudos threshold stated on the homepage. I missed it prior as I typically don't navigate to the Idea Exchange that way, but it is clearly labeled!




  • This is helpful, @trisha.luu. I think it would help if you followed "Needs Community Support" with "Needs community support: Needs 10 kudos" or maybe just "Community Review: Needs 10 kudos"


    Does that seem more clear to you? 

    Your explanation makes total sense. I am just trying to think of ways that your explanation could be expressed in the status update.

  • Stan
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