Publishing List as Page Selector Without Parent Levels


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When I try to use a list as a page selector in  a dashboard, I get all the parent lists that are above the selected list in terms of hierarchy. For example, let's say if my geographical hierarchy which consists of 4 lists: Business Unit, Continent, Region and Country. Region is the parent for the Country, Continent is the parent for Region and so on. 


The issue is when I try to publish the Country list as a page selector into a dashboard, the dropdown of this button shows me a tree structure of all the four levels instead of plainly displaying all countries together.


Is there a way to show only the level of hierarchy that is chosen?


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Vijay Pasumarthy

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  • kavinkumar



    I would like to go with @DavidSmith approach. But however still you need to put a boolean filter so that you will not be able to see the top level items.


    Step 1 : Create a module with "Country" as dimension

    Step 2 : Create a boolean line item and make it as true.

    Step 3: Put a filter on this line item to be true and now you will be able to see only "Country" list items.

    Step 4: Then hide the line item and publish the view to the dashboard to use for selection.Publishing List as Page Selector Without Parent Levels.PNG

    Hope this would be helpful!!


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  • @pvijayteja 


    This doesn't seem to be possible...


    Within a module, you can pivot and hide/'select levels' to ensure that only the Country list items are displayed. However when publishing as page selector to the dashboard, these selections are ignored.


    Same goes for Version selections as well (e.g hiding all 'Forecast' within the module then publishing page selectors...)


    One alternative approach would be to use modules as selectors (+ Levels Filters) at the top of your dashboard. This way you allow the user to see / search all the countries across ALL Business Units OR allow them to select just those from a certain Business Unit (without displaying ALL the intermediary hierarchies). 


    Module 1: Use 'Select Levels' to display a single higher-level list item (e.g Business Unit or Continent). Reduce the column size of the line item displayed to 9 if you just want to display the list item.

    Module 2: Ensure synchronization is on. Don't select levels / hide but use a Level Filter (link above) to enable synchronisation whilst showing only country list items


    Hope this helps!




  • Hi Vijay,


    I tried something, Please follow the below steps:


    1) Just a create a module. (Leave the Pages & Columns Section blank). In the line items enter the name that you want. 

    2) That line item you make, keep it list-formatted. (The list for which you want see the dropdown)

    3) Now, Publish that Line item on the dashboard,then it should work.


    As per my understanding, i would suggest you to try this...!


    Hope this helps..!




  • @Ankur.Sonthalia @pvijayteja @Jcorlett 

    Managing navigation on multi-level hierarchies can be challenging, but I like to advocate a separate dashboard to facilitate this

    You set up selection modules for each level in modules  and publish them as shown2019-02-11_10-12-21.png


    You set syncronisation on and then as you navigate left to right (with selections), the grids adjust to ease the lower level selections2019-02-11_10-12-47.png

    This declutters the dashboard (and can also be used for multiple dashboards) as well as providing a more intuiitive experience.  It works especially well for numbered lists where the display name is the same

    For the specific problem posted, you could use this approach to have a single module for " L4" and filter out all parents, but depending on the size of the list, it might again be worth having that module on a "selection" dashboard


    Also don't forget the search option within Page selectors too.  This can be an effective way to search for lower levels too

    I hope this helps



  • Thank you @DavidSmith@kavinkumar. Creating a new module, having a booleean filter to show only the leaf level items and publishing it to the dashboard worked. Luckily my list is not super big to eat up too much of screen space.


    Like they say, as long as my end users are happy I am happy!

  • I am trying to do something similar. I have a line item published as a page selector on a dashboard and it is formatted to a list. **** can I not show all the leaf level items in the dropdown. E.g. if there are 5 items in the list I want to show only 3 of those

  • @BahalR,

    Right now there is no such option to hide parent level items in the drop down. I hope it is in the Future Road map.  But still, you can create another flat list with only child items and use that as a format of the line item.



  • Thanks Kavin. Yes, that would be a good enhancement to have.

  • @BahalR ,


    Might i suggest you put something into the Idea Exchange so this can be tracked and others can vote on it: