Ability to hide process details (eg list of actions, details and outcome, if needed)

As a model builder I want to have the option of hiding the entire process details when running a process so that the user experience is simplified, where possible.

For example : we might have a number of import actions clubbed in a single process to manage and update filters displayed on a dashboard. This process would then be published on a dashboard but on execution the user will see :

1) The list of actions that are about to be performed (often with technical names that don't make sense to them). The user will then need to press on the Run button

2) The process window will then be displayed showing the outcome of the process, split by actions. Again there user will then need to click on close

In these sort of situations it would be better to by-pass the above and maybe only show a temporary fading icon/pop-up with the success/warning/failure image ? 
I thought this functionality was enabled by ticking the "Display action confirmation and full result details to end-users when running this process", but it doesn't seem to be related ? 

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  • Hello,

    this is one of the most frequent feedbacks we got from our user base of > 1200 end users.

    The purely technical clicks that no end users really knows what the system is doing behind and why they have to click was significantly downgrading the user experience. 

    Our most frequent use case:

    If in our budgeting solution we follow the itemized method the user must click 3 times:

    1st click: Add rows (to launch the process)

    2nd click: Run process (kind of 2nd launch of the process)

    3rd click: Close (just to close the window)


    It would be great the 3 clicks could be grouped to a single "macro click" with the various technical steps hidden to the user. 



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