Option to make a scaledown model copy of a large model by removing non-admin users in one step.


Enhance Copy Model capability so could copy production with having the option to create the user space. For example, production is now 19GB so if we perform a copy, we need 19GB available space. Once we complete the copy and Remove the user access, it drops down to about 2GB. We should have the option to make a copy while removing user access, so we don't need 19GB available.


We are limited in making a copy that includes production data because we do not have available space to include all of the space that user access entails (which we don't need in the copy). To get around this, Anaplan recommended the following: Option 1. Make a small copy that will fit. You can use the revision tags to create a new model from prod. The new model will fit in your workspace. Then run your imports to load the data you want into that new model. Following this option is much more cumbersome.

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