Importing data directly from another Anaplan module

When a user is attempting to import data directly from another Anaplan module, they need to be able to use an identifier (code or link vs. the display name of the field) to ‘connect’ the records.  For example:  When a user exports from a ‘source’ Anaplan module, the user has the ability to export the ‘code’ or ‘list link item’ for a specific item.  However, that ability does not exist when the user connects directly to the Anaplan module.  The user has to create a new/separate field to store either the ‘code’ or ‘list link’.  Success would be that the import and export options function similiarly, in that the system knows to bring along the 'code' or 'list link' and store it with no setup.

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  • This feature is sorely needed in my opinion. When running a model to model import where a list formatted line item is present, the target module effectively treats that value as text, ignoring the code or other properties.


    The official Anaplan training walks us through creating a separate line item to convert the value using the CODE formula, purely for the purpose of imports. However, this feels like a workaround rather than a solution. It requires extra work and necessitates storing text values, which are known to be inefficient in terms of space.


    When exporting the data, we are able to specify an export format using the 'Line items of Data-Type "List"' tab, allowing us to use the single list item for multiple purposes. But when using a view as an import source we have no such option. It is counterintuitive that we have less options when transferring data within Anaplan modules than exporting it outside of Anaplan. 


    I would know this request has been fulfilled when I can run a model-to-model import from a list formatted line item and specify to map on Code, without needing an extra text formatted line item.


    My thought was that the import settings could include a similar 'Line items of Data-Type "LIST"' area, allowing us to specify whether we want to import the name or code value (or other properties potentially).

  • Yes agree, you should be able to import using the code

  • Yes agree. May be we should add to idea exchange section if it's not there already.

  • This would be very helpfull in avoiding unnecessary text line items to create a unique export

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