Function that returns a User's Model Role


It would be really helpful to be able to query a user's model role, and with that information be able to do things like:

* Allow / Limit access to information based on a user's role

* Use in dynamic cell access formulas

* Allow a module on certain dashboards to be read-only (for larger audiences), while the same module on another dashboard can be writeable if the user's role is a match (perhaps for admin users)


To work around some of these issues we end up creating many almost duplicate copy dashboards with almost duplicate modules on them except some are source data and others are read-only.  


I'm sure there are many other ways model builders could benefit from such a function being added.

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  • Tasos

    Is there an update on this? 


    During our budgeting process I have 2 groups of users, "Budget Managers" and "Business Unit Leads". In the beginning of the process, all users have write access to several models. At some point I would like to switch the access so that only the "Business Unit Leads" have write access to the modules and the "Budget Managers" can only read. I am thinking that I could do this by utilizing Dynamic Cells Access (and multiple boolean fields) and a function that would pull the role of the current user.

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