In the drill down window being able to filter on values for non blank or non than zero


Hi Anaplan, 


It would be amazing if within the drill down view you were able to filter on a list of values for items that are non blank or non zero. So for example if you're looking at a calculation with a dimension that has 1000 items you can see only the relevant items with non zero or non blank values that contributing to the number. 


This is something that is regularly brought up as an anaplan issue that needs to be solved. 


I hope we can see this functionality very soon!





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  • Status changed to: In Review
  • @usman.zia - might be an old one but adding some kudos! nothing worse than as you say having a list of hundreds or thousands with only a few actually there.

    although i notice that "quick filter" might be able to do it for you... so potentially could be closed

  • @andrewtye could you please elaborate on the quick filter? when I am in the drill down view, I cannot see any filter options


  • @LilyLiuAnaplan : this is in NMX but probably true of classic, you can right-click on the column of data and select filter or quick-filter per the below:


    I do see that this isn't possible within the UX.

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