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There currently isn’t a way to find out when an action or a process was last run. There is also not a way to see when the last time that a file was uploaded. We would like to Anaplan to capture the last time each one of these actions, processes, or data uploads occurred.

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  • As a user who manages many data integarations into Anaplan (using Snaplogic), it would be incredibly helpful if we could see the last time a file was uploaded or when a process/action was last run. This would significnatly improve troubleshooting. One suggestion would be to add this as a column in the actions and imports pages. 

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  • Verys useful woud be to record the last execution of an action with a timestamp and user name an d status to unsderstand if the process had any errors or warning

  • It would be very useful if we would have the possibility to show the latest execution date/time on an dasboard with user name. Would be great to have a formula that could retrieve the information based on the action/process name.

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  • This functionality will be really helpful!

  • AW25

    Throwing in my vote for this.

  • jon

    Yeah, I think this would be a great addition as well. If I were to prioritize anything, I would say 2 columns on the actions tab; one for timestamp and the other for the user that last ran it. 

  • Again,  supporting this timestamp concept.  Even to be able to model it by adding import action at the end of a process to add a value to a module and have that action recorded or a current time +1sec would also be helpful.  If i could do that i could record my own actions history.  Thanks

  • jcyr55

    I wanted to add my vote this as well.  It would be a huge benefit to our end users and model builders.

  • It is really a greater feature that will help to keep track of the actions executed ,action status and errors.

    For the model builder its a great activity debug log that will help a lot to find the root cause of the error and fix the same.


  • Great suggestion, this would be useful for debugging.

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  • This would be a super helpful enhancement, especially for those of us who do a lot of troubleshooting and root cause analysis.  Any idea when this might be slated for development? Looks like it has been on the roadmap for a few months.  Thanks!

  • Status changed to: Delivered
  • For support in production the log should also have the details of the import results e.g: 200 lines reject and the details of it as per when you run it.

  • I just posted a "How To" article which describes one way to capture Action activity: Community perspective: Monitor activity in your mo... - Anaplan Community

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