Ability to create Version subsets allowing to have many different versions without impacting size


Hi Anaplan,


As Anaplan grows users will require to create multiple versions allowing them to look at historical information without creating many archived models. 

The solution to this is to have many versions and be able to subset version lists, therefore saving on space and being able to view historical information easily. 

So it would be a great feature if Anaplan could have the functionality to create version subets. 






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  • Miran
    Status changed to: In Review
  • Joanne

    I would love to be able to create version subsets.  It would help significantly with sparcity and / or mobving between real and fake versions.  This definitely has my support.

  • Would be a huge help in addressing our sparsity issues in the same way time ranges have had a huge impact. 

  • ^^agreed with all above.  The introduction of time ranges helped some of our large "data intensive" customers manage their models relative to sparsity, calcs, and size.  Hearing a lot more of version ranges being socialised, especially around T&Q, FP&A, and Supply Chain use cases  

  • Status changed to: In Review
  • Thanks @Rebecca I hope this makes it to the Road Map! 


    Have many clients and users asking for this! 

  • Another vote for this functionality for the reasons previously stated.

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