Please allow the office add-in to authenticate through VPNs and Proxies with out the need to white l


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As a user of the Anaplan office add-ins, I often need to connect to the internet via a proxy or VPN. Due to IT/security policies, I am unable to white list. This prevents me from using the office add-ins from certain locations.


Expected benefit/impact

The benefit of this enhancement would be that myself and other users would be able to access the office add-ins from any location. If would also remove the need for anyone else to have to white list in order to use the add-in in the manner.

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  • Miran
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  • Adding @Fwolf 


    Our org is experiencing the same issue where proxy is being used. We cannot use v3.0 or v3.1. We had a call today with our Net Eng Team + Anaplan and it was mentioned the next version of the Plugin will remove the mechanism that blocks the connection when using proxy....Unfortunately this will not be ready until end of 2019! 


    Btw v2.6 seems to work with Proxy however this is obviously an old version so may not be the best, user experience wise...but works. 

  • This is currently under investigation @Miran . Customers using proxies are advised to install the newly released v3.3 and contact Anaplan Support. please @damianshameer2 and @Fwolf , could you please raise a support ticket so we can investigate? Thank you very much

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  • Thanks for the update. We tried v3.3 on Win7 64bit  and Win10 64bit and got same errors as prior version. We have raised the error messages to L3 support. Thanks

  • Status changed to: Delivered
  • In Excel add-in 3.4 and PowerPoint add-in 1.6, you can now set up the proxies.

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