Search Functionality for Import Data Source Selection


When setting up an import into a list or module, it would be useful to be able to search for a module/list/saved view when connecting to an Anaplan model on the "Select Source" section. I have a model with hundreds of modules and having to scroll through these modules every time I set up an import action can get tedious. An additional search bar above model selection could also be useful for workspaces that contain many models. search.PNG


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  • Miran
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  • JLD

    This would be a great help to builders. It will save lots of time if we can search desired source instead of scanning all items one by one, especially if we have a pretty large number of saved views. 

  • This is a very helpful functionality.  When I realize that I have difficulty in finding the module or view that I need, I have to go to the Modules pane and search for the module so that I can guess where it is when I am back to Select Source section.

  • @BenHilgendorf , @andre.lie  @JLD  As a workaround just use the normal browser search function (hit "Ctrl+F") and search the name of the module or the saved view. You will be able to find it easily even there are a lot of modules/saved views. 


    hope it helps



  • Thanks Alex! I should've tried that first thing. 



  • Thanks @alexpavel. I have tried the workaround, it is really helpful.

  • JLD

    Nice! Should've tried it first.

    Thanks Alex!  

  • Agree that search filter is needed.  Workaround is very helpful.  Thanks for posting this.

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