Capture logged in user name automatically?


Hi Every one,

Just curious to know is there anyway that I can capture logged in users name in a lineitem by a formula ?





  • Hi Dileepkumar,


    The 'users' list gives you the email of all users added to the model, except those with 'No Access' role, so you won't get first or last name from the 'users' list.


    The history keeps an audit of changes made, but not login. You can refer to the link below to read more about 'History'


    The only place where you can track user login is in Tenant Administration. You can refer to the link below:




  • Hi Lip_Chean,


    Thanks for the reply but my requirement is, users will be entering the details in module(sender) and sending it to another module(receiver) so while entering the details, system should capture(automatically) who the sender is. First of all is it achievable? Give the screen shot for your reference.



    Dileepkumaruser name.PNG

  • Hi,


    Please see the following:

    Screen Shot 2019-03-31 at 5.26.52 PM.png




  • I think the straight answer is no. 


    I dont think there is a formula which returns the current user. So is the current date/time.

    Usually other applications does these automatically when a record is created, "created by" and "created on". So far what i understood is there is no easy way to achieve this. You can mock the system date by keeping a field coming through integration everyday/every hour and importing this into the target module when an action is triggered, this is tedious, not straight forward.




  • @Dileepkumar 


    You can create a module that includes the User list.  Next, use the following line item formula to capture the user name/email; NAME(ITEM(Users))


    See screenshots.

    Hope that helps.