Native scheduling action in Anaplan (w/o API. Connect or 3rd party integration tool)

Could Anaplan action iteself allowing for scheduling? (i.e. a common use case would be you have an action that brings data from Data Hub to Spoke models and data in Spoke models need to be refreshed everyday) - It would be super helpful to have this function built-in at the time the action/import is set up in Anaplan, instead of an extra step setting up API/Anaplan Connect or 3rd party integration .

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  • I certainly agree on this, this makes Anaplan much more interesting for mature Enterprise clients!

  • We would definitely love a feature like this.

  • Status changed to: In Review
  • As a modeler at an enterprise company, this would speed up our development time considerably, especially when creating new models/use cases.

  • This would be a game changer and would make Anaplan a more feasible solution for enterprise clients that are using a Data Hub structure.  Currently the answer of just use Windows Scheduler that is deployed on a laptop or VM is not good enough as it creates a strong reliance on IT or a single point of failure.  The use case mentioned in the Idea is perfect for a tool like this. 

  • This is definitely a MUCH NEEDED functionality as far as our connected planning is growing.

    We rely on IT for data integration. IT is working on sprints that needs to be scheduled so many months in advance and does not align with out business needs.

    All should be available inside of Anaplan since it's Anaplan Model to Anaplan Model.

  • Status changed to: In Review
  • Currently we are having to leverage an external scheduling tool to schedule Anaplan processes even when there is no dependency on any external systems. Moving this internally to Anaplan would help us reduce overhead for our IT support teams and put the scheduling power directly in the hands of our business clients.

  • There is a small improvement about this with the creation of the CloudWorks integrations that can be scheduled up to hourly frequency...

    but it is only for import/export actions integration with "Amazon S3" ( not possible yet to launch processes)... 


    I hope this will be changed and improved in the future. 





  • Seems to me that processes in cloudwork can just do that ?

  • Indeed, CloudWorks solves this: it is possible to schedule/launch a process with CloudWorks without being mandatory to have an Amazon AWS data sources.

  • So, topic should be closed as delivered now that cloudworks makes this process scheduling possible ?

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