Support formula wildcard characters so that formulas dont need to be constantly updated


Would like to be able to use wildcard characters in anaplan formulas, specifically in the SELECT function.

Ie. I have this:

IF Version Selection.Selection[SELECT: VERSIONS.'2018 Actuals'] THEN "SBUDGET"

I'd like something like this
IF Version Selection.Selection[SELECT: VERSIONS.'???? Actuals'] THEN "SBUDGET" where ???? can be any year and so that the formula doesn't have to be updated every year.

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  • Miran
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  • The support of wildcards in Anaplan would be quite useful, +1.

  • @luvazquez,

    Use Lookup instead, a line item and a no-dimension module and then configure it using FINDITEM

    Formulla: FINDITEM(Versions, "Budget" & NoDimensionModule.Year)

    Let me know if a detailed explanation is required.

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