Anaplan Limited User license


Anaplan provides a special Limited License with the following description: An Authorized User with the limited right to access the Anaplan Service solely to view and enter data (provided that data entry is limited to no more than twelve (12) times per year).


Please can anybody share more details on this:

  • How does Anaplan measure and restrict 12 times of data entry - as user sessions or logins?
  • How do we configure such users in Anaplan?
  • In terms of user rights/privileges and access to the Anaplan functionalities is it the same as "End User license", only exception being the no. of times data can be entered? 
  • Would the read access continue after the user has exhausted 12 X data entries in a year?


  • Hi Amit Paul,


    I suggest that you reach out to your local Anaplan Account Executive to get the latest license/ subscription related information.


    If you're not sure who your local AE is, please go to