Increase the character limit of the MAILTO function


The MAILTO function currently has a limit of around 2000 characters and any greater than this will prevent the message from being opened in your chosen mail app.


This is normally fine for standard English alphabetic characters, but can cause issues for non-English alphabetic characters. For example the Japanese character キ get converted to %E3%82%AD. This means the character limit gets reached very quickly for a message in Japanese. 


I would like the character limit of the MAILTO function to be increased. This would remove potential restrictions on non-English languages.

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  • Miran
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  • Hi! 


    We have the same problem in Russia. Writing cyrillic gives us a limit about 500 characters instead of 2000. Increasing the size of MAILTO function would be very helpful for us. 

  • Thanks for your feedback on the MAILTO function. Unfortunately, the length of MAILTO link that we can support is out of our control, and is constrained by the maximum length of URL supported by browsers and mail clients. While there is no formal specification for the maximum length of a URL, most browsers support lengths up to around 2000 characters. For example, Internet Explorer supports a maximum of 2083 characters, per this Microsoft page:

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