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Hi All,


The cell security is a great feature, but I find it a bit confusing that as a model builder you are able to upload data where a normal contributor is not able to upload data. This makes it more difficult to test solutions, because the model will behave differently if you are a model builder versus when you are a contributor even though you set the same level of security...


Also it means that if you have multiple model builders that are loading data in their own function that they need to be more careful when loading data, because it could mean that they can change data that they should not be able to change from a model perspective.





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    As in other software applications, it is best if testing is done with a test ID whose access exactly mimics what access would be in production.  In other words, don't system test with a model builder unless a model builder will be executing the process in production.

  • Partial agree here. One of the very nice things of Anaplan is the speed in which you can perform tests. Just change your user role and you will see how the system will behave. It is so much quicker to be able to do this from the same user in the same browser then to logout and login with a different user. 


    I do not understand why the model would behave differently for a read/write cell when you are a modelbuilder compared to a normal user. I do not see the added business value that a model builder can load data on a cell that is should be read when he pretends to be a business user. 

  • Rebecca

    Thanks for this idea. Can you please provide more information about the problem that you're trying to solve? In what situations does this happen? What is the difference between this and setting up an import action?

  • Hello,


    For me the nice thing about Anaplan is that I could test the end user experience as a model builder. 

    However with cell security it is easier to dynamically maintain security and now I almost need to have user without model builder access in order to properly test the model.


    When I have a module with two lists (Scenario and Projects) and for each month a line item, then I will use cell security in order to block input on actual periods on the forecasts scenario's. However the end-user should be able to load Actuals from the actual scenario on the actual periods.


    When I test this copy process as a model builder my model will work fine, however as a normal user the process will not change any numbers, because of cell security. Testing application will take now additional effort.


    Kind regards,

    Eije Wiersema

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